Bloody Activist

Bloody Activist takes us into the world of London-based Mancunian Gabby Edlin, who set up Bloody Good Period to collect period supplies for refugees, asylum seekers and those who can’t afford them.

Status: Complete

Running time: 13 minutes

Director: Rebecca Brand

DoP: Daniella Cesarei



Whilst volunteering at the New London Synagogue Drop-In for refugees and asylum seekers, Gabby Edlin noticed there were no period products on the list of items the Centre collected.

What started as a whip-round amongst family and friends on Facebook soon ballooned into a storage locker full of pads and a social media campaign for donations fuelled by Gabby’s sense of humour and determination.

Bloody Activist reveals what it takes to run a grassroots social activism campaign, and forces us to think about how something as seemingly small as a sanitary pad can make the world of difference to the women and girls who wouldn’t otherwise have access to them.

Find out more about Bloody Good Period and how you can donate here.